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I am a Professor of Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. I conduct collaborative research in areas including school attendance and absenteeism, school inclusion/exclusion, mental health literacy, inclusive education policy, teacher preparation for inclusive education and the wellbeing of children and youth with mental health issues. I teach courses related to these topics at the B.Ed. and graduate level and supervise graduate students studying a range of related areas.


All of these efforts have the goal of improving social, emotional and academic outcomes for children and youth.

What's New?

We have partnered with Community Living Ontario to conduct a study about inclusion, exclusion, seclusion & restraint in Ontario schools. 

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My piece in The Conversation. School attendance problems are complex, and our solutions need to be as well. 

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Our new chapter: Holes, patches and multiple hats: the experiences of parents of students with special education needs navigating at-home learning during Covid-19.

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Our Phase 1 Report part of the Nova Scotia Developmental Evaluation of the Implementation of the Inclusive Education Policy (w/ Andy Hargreaves)

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Our report on Children & Schools - w/ the Royal Society of Canada Working Group on COVID-19

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