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I am a Professor of Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. I conduct collaborative research in areas including school attendance and absenteeism, school inclusion/exclusion, mental health literacy, inclusive education policy, teacher preparation for inclusive education and the wellbeing of children and youth with mental health issues. I teach courses related to these topics at the B.Ed. and graduate level and supervise graduate students studying a range of related areas.


All of these efforts have the goal of improving social, emotional and academic outcomes for children and youth.

What's New?

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My piece in The Conversation. School attendance problems are complex, and our solutions need to be as well. 

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Our new chapter: Holes, patches and multiple hats: the experiences of parents of students with special education needs navigating at-home learning during Covid-19.

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Our Phase 1 Report part of the Nova Scotia Developmental Evaluation of the Implementation of the Inclusive Education Policy (w/ Andy Hargreaves)

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Our report on Children & Schools - w/ the Royal Society of Canada Working Group on COVID-19

My piece in The Conversation. Coronavirus: Distance learning poses challenges for some families of children with disabilities

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