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Chapter: Holes, Patches and Multiple Hats: The Experiences of Parents of Students with Special Education Needs Navigating At-Home Learning During COVID-19 

In the edited book: Ruby Turok-Squire (Editor), COVID-19 and Education in the Global North: Storytelling & Alternative Pedagogies, Springer, 2022.
Whitley, J., Matheson, I., Specht, J., & MacCormack, J. (2021). Perspectives of parents of children with SEN: self-efficacy and school supports during COVID-19 school closures. Exceptionality Education International, 31(1), 97-114.
Whitley, J., MacCormack, J., Matheson, I., Specht, J., Sider, S., Maich, K. (Winter, 2020). Diversity via Distance: Lessons learned from families supporting students with special education needs during remote learning. Education Canada, 60(4).
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